Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Latest Nude Pics of Sunny Leone

I am a big fan of this Indian actress. The hot Sunny Leone turns me on. I was watching her latest pictures and I thought adding these photos here. I got some of these from SunLust Pictures that is a great source to provide us with the most friendly and efficient services and hot photos of Sunny Leone. I found some nice products as well. This pride ourselves on the ability to communicate with our sexiest actress who loves being nude. Please feel free to browse through this actress blog to find out more about hot Indian actresses and their nude pictures.

Here are the best and latest nude pics of sunny Leone. My mission is to bring the sexiest actress pics to my readers, inspire and reward my visitors, and provide superior results to my clients. My efforts involve achieving the highest quality photos with nudity and improved returns at the highest level to those who love watching their favorite actresses without clothes.
This actress, Sunny Leone will host the upcoming seventh season of popular reality show 'Splitsvilla'. Splitsvilla, aired on MTV India, is based on the American dating reality show 'Flavor of Love'.

Sunny, aged 32, This hot Indian actress has decided to return to the small screen as the host of MTV Splitsvilla and will replace actress Sherlyn Chopra for the upcoming (seventh) season of the dating show, a source said.

The 'Ragini MMS 2' is known as her latest movies and she had earlier participated in the fifth season of Indian reality show 'Bigg Boss'.

Sunny Leone is doing the show this season. 
She will be hosting the show and will be seen on regular basis (on the show). Every time we try something new for every season, we thought getting her (Sunny) was a good idea for the show,"a source said.

The reality show revolves around young boys and girls trying to secure a place in Splitsvilla which is a 'Villa'. It is a 'hunt for love' show where they compete in tasks to stay in the competition and mingle with contestants to find love.

In the end, a boy and a girl are crowned the winners of Splitsvilla (they are a couple.)It is yet not known, how many contestants will be part of the show this season.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Actress Veena Malik Nude Body Paint Pics

I am just thinking of Veena Malik body Pics. How cheap can be an Actress from Pakistan? This can be no chintzy act of Veena Malik being a hot actress. The dirty actress has really gone ahead in producing a dirty photo-shoot of her nude body,by letting a person paint her nude body and build a creative nude body!
Veena Malik Body Paint
The body paint pics of Veena malik are extremely vulgar. She is habitual of stupid things and she often try this to gain exposure. It was the muse of Finnish visual artist Vesa Kivinen. He rubbed her entire body including the boobs to create an art wherever colors were painted directly on Veena’s nude body and her video was later disclosed with paintings and other photos.
Veena Malik Body Pics
I just checked these body pics of veena malik and I never liked these images. It was a total stunt to gain exposure in news and media. wherever Veena got a chance to get exposed, she availed it openly.Her bare back has been 1st painted in an exceedingly Hindu god-like blue body color so splashed with a lean palette of colors. the opposite pictures tho' square measure left to your interpretation, merging story, the shape type and gestures into a painting. the sole alternative easy works of art square measure the black canvas with a cloud of smoke and another one from the blue series, with Veena’s hands activity her face.
According to Kivinen, the project “explores themes from ancient and spiritual traditions to our up to date international melting pot with its ever evolving and rising cross cultural associations.”Veena was in London for the art exhibit where critics never liked her act. wherever a number of the paintings that includes her are going to be showcased. She said, “I am here only for the love of art.” we never tend to positive hope that’s true, Veena, and another promotional material stunt!

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